The Masters of Information Systems/Management (MIS/M) program is focused on the acquisition of information technology theory and the application of theory and practice to real-world business opportunities and challenges. The courses provide current theory and knowledge of essential information technology and the basis of business management. While courses examine a broad range of information technology resources, the courses emphasize the management of such resources in order to meet an organization’s challenges and goals.

The program has six main threads:

  1. Business Management
  2. Business Systems Analysis and Design
  3. Programming
  4. Databases
  5. Networks and Telecommunications
  6. The Web
Course #Course Title CreditsPrerequisite(s)
COM/525Managerial Communication & Ethics3 —
ORG/502Human Relations & Organizational Behavior3 COM/525
LAW/529Legal Environment of Business3 COM/525
MM/520Accounting & Finance for Management Decision Making3 COM/525
CSS/561Programming Concepts3 COM/525
CMGT/555Systems Analysis & Development3 CSS/561
CMGT/575CIS Project Management3 CSS/561
DBM/500Database Concepts3 CMGT/555
DBM/502Database Management3 DBM/500
NTC/500Networking Concepts3 CMGT/555
NTC/502Networking Management3 NTC/500
CMGT/579CIS Risk Management3 NTC/502, DBM/502
CMGT/578CIS Strategic Management3 All courses in the program. Must be the last Course.