The Curriculum and Instruction Program is a graduate degree for bachelor-prepared individuals who wish to develop and enhance their curriculum and instruction repertoire. The program encompasses the study of curricular planning and development with an integration of technology, assessment and evaluation practices, strategies for effective classroom instruction for a variety of learners, and critical issues within the field of education. The computer education specialization focuses on using computers and how computers fit into education. (40 credits)

Course #Course Title CreditsPrerequisite(s)
COM 516Professional Communications1 —
EDD 569Introduction to Action Research2 —
PSYCH 538Lifespan Development and Learning3 —
EDD 520Critical Issues in Education3 —
QNT 575Measurement, Evaluation, & Ethics in Research2 —
CUR 558Foundations of Curriculum and Instruction3 —
EDD 577Action Research3 EDD 569
CUR 524Instructional Design3 —
CMP 540Integrating Educational Technology in the Classroom3 —
CUR 562Standards-Based Curriculum and Instruction3 —
CUR 578Evaluation and Assessment of Curriculum3 —
EDD 580Applications of Action Research2 EDD 577
CMP 521Using Computers in Education3 —
CMP 555Designing and Producing Educational Technology3 —
CMP 560 IInstructional Multimedia Authoring3 CMP 555