The Master of Arts in Education degree program with a specialization in Administration and Supervision is designed for educators interested in gaining knowledge and expertise in the area of school administration. The program curriculum is focused on education finance, school law, the role of the principal, curriculum design, and supervision of personnel. This program also includes an internship experience in school administration at the principal level.

Course #Course Title CreditsPrerequisite(s)
*COM 516Professional Communications1 —
EDD 569Introduction to Action Research2 —
EDD 520Critical Issues in Education3 —
QNT 575Measurement, Evaluation and Ethics in Research2 —
SEI 500Structured English Immersion3 —
EDA 564The Role and Functions of the Principal3 —
EDA 590AAdministrative Internship1 —
EDA 538Education Finance and Budgeting3 —
EDD 577Action Research3 EDD 569
EDA 545School Law for Educators3 —
EDA 550Human Resources Management in Education3 —
EDA 554Instructional Program Management and Evaluation3 —
EDA 590BAdministrative Internship1 EDA 590A
CUR 558Foundations of Curriculum and Instruction3 —
EDA 532Human Relations and Organizational Behavior in Education3 —
EDA 590CAdministrative Internship1 EDA 590A & EDA 590B
EDD 580Applications of Action Research2 EDD 577