The mission of the Information Systems and Technology specialization of the Doctor of Management in Organizational Leadership degree (DM/IST) is to enable professionals from any industry to understand and evaluate the scope and impact of information systems and technology (IST) from organizational, industry-wide, and global perspectives. The DM/IST curriculum lays a foundation of knowledge in critical thinking, leadership, and the application of IST content areas. Learners integrate this knowledge with their professional experiences and doctoral-level research to create innovative, positive, and practical contributions to the body of IST knowledge. Graduates will be able to influence their organization and environment positively with transformational IST leadership practices.

This doctoral specialization in IST incorporates coursework in fundamental management, organizational, and leadership concepts to engender the development of IST leadership perspectives. As such, learners with a professional leadership background in any discipline will be able to add their unique perspective to the study of the context, breadth, and processes of IST management.

Course #Course Title CreditsPrerequisite(s)
COM705Communication Strategies 1
LDR712Information Systems Strategy and Leadership3 COM705
SEM700RDoctoral Program Orientation Seminar0 LDR712
PHL700RCritical and Creative Thinking3 LDR712
IST710Foundations of Information Systems Management3 SEM700R, PHL700R
PHL717Constructing Meaning3 SEM700R, PHL700R
RES711Fundamental Principles of Sound Research3 SEM700R, PHL700R
ORG716Organizational Theory and Design3 SEM700R, PHL700R
MGT716Management Philosophies3 SEM700R, PHL700R
DOC721RDoctoral Seminar I2 IST710, PHL717, ORG716, MGT716
RES722Research Design3 DOC721R
IST721Knowledge Worker Information Systems3 DOC721R
IST722Information Technology for Teams3 IST721
DOC722Doctoral Seminar II3 RES722
IST723Departmental Information Systems3 IST722
IST724Organizational Information Systems Management3 IST723
DOC731RCollaborative Case Study3 DOC722, IST724
DOC732RDoctoral Seminar III2 DOC731R
IST731Partnership and Industry Information Systems3 DOC732R
IST732Global Information Systems Management3 IST731
IST733Information Systems Management Architecture3 IST732
DOC733Doctoral Dissertation3 IST333, Approved Proposal
DOC734Doctoral Project IV3 DOC733
DOC740RAnnual Renewal Residency0