The Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership (Ed.D.) program will prepare learners to become transformational leaders who will strategically manage and lead complex educational organizations. Graduates will be educational practitioners who demonstrate analytical, critical, and innovative thinking to improve the performance of educational institutions. The program is designed to emphasize leadership and focus on applied research that improves educational environments.

Course #Course Title CreditsPrerequisite(s)
COM705Communication Strategies1 —
LDR711Transformational Leadership and Innovation3 COM705
SEM700RDoctoral Program Orientation Seminar0 LDR711
PHL700RCreative and Critical Thinking3 LDR711
RES711Fundamental Principles of Sound Research3 PHL700R SEM700R
EDD711Social Contexts and Contemporary Issues3 PHL700R SEM700R
EDD712Leadership in Contemporary Organizations3 PHL700R SEM700R EDD 711
EDD713Lifelong Learning: Leadership in the Educational Continuum3 PHL700R SEM700R EDD 711
EDD714Comparative Models of Educational Environments3 PHL700R SEM700R EDD 711
DOC721RDoctoral Seminar I2 LDR711 RES711 EDD711 EDD712 EDD713 EDD714
RES722Research Design3 DOC721R
DOC722Doctoral Seminar II3 RES 722
EDD721Planning and Leading Change3 DOC721R
EDD722The Legal Context of Education3 DOC721R
EDD723Ethics and Values in Learning Organizations3 DOC721R
EDD724Instructional Leadership3 DOC721R
DOC731RCollaborative Case Study3 DOC722 EDD721 EDD722 EDD723 EDD724
DOC732RDoctoral Seminar III2 DOC731R
EDD731The Economics of Education3 DOC732R
EDD732Contemporary Policy Analysis and Development3 DOC732R
EDD733Evaluation and Assessment Methods3 DOC732R
DOC733Doctoral Dissertation3 DOC732R and Approved Proposal
DOC734Doctoral Project IV3 EDD 731 EDD 732 EDD 733 DOC733
DOC740RAnnual Renewal Residency0 —