The Curriculum and Instruction specialization of the Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership program will prepare learners to become instructional leaders who will strategically manage and lead processes related to curriculum, instruction, and assessment. Graduates will demonstrate both practical and scholarly knowledge in their use of analytical, critical, and innovative thinking to improve the performance of educational institutions.

Historically, education has been a field of constant evolution and debate, with the pull of philosophical, cultural, and political influences felt throughout the industry. As such, contemporary educators face challenges unlike those faced by their predecessors: Educational leaders must design and facilitate learning in culturally diverse classrooms; manage the needs of multiple stakeholders; develop their classrooms, schools, and systems effectively and efficiently in the face of severe funding pressures; address the demands of regulatory bodies; and meet the outcomes established by the greater educational community.

As the education system undergoes these radical changes, there has been a drastic increase in the need for leaders who are capable of designing innovative curricular models in their institutions and consistently improving their students’ outcomes. The Curriculum and Instruction specialization of the Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership program is offered to enable leaders to affect these high levels of performance through applied scholarship, rigorous analysis, and comprehensive evaluation methodology.

The Curriculum and Instruction specialization is consistent with the University’s mission to educate working adults to achieve their professional goals and to improve the quality of education in their communities. The program is designed to emphasize curricular leadership and to focus on applied research that improves instruction and educational outcomes.

Course #Course Title CreditsPrerequisite(s)
COM705Communication Strategies1
LDR711Transformational Leadership and Innovation3 COM705
SEM700RDoctoral Program Orientation Seminar0 LDR711
PHL700RCritical and Creative Thinking3 LDR711
EDD711Social Contexts and Contemporary Issues3 SEM700R, PHL700R
EDD724Instructional Leadership3 SEM700R, PHL700R
RES711Fundamental Principles of Sound Research3 SEM700R, PHL700R
CUR711Developmental and Learning Theories3 SEM700R, PHL700R
CUR712Curriculum Theory3 SEM700R, PHL700R
DOC721RDoctoral Seminar I2 LDR711, EDD711, EDD724, RES711, CUR711, CUR712
RES722Research Design3 DOC721R
EDD721Planning and Leading Change3 DOC721R
CUR721Curriculum Design3 DOC721R
DOC722Doctoral Seminar II3 RES722
CUR722Instructional Models3 DOC721R
CUR723Assessment of Student Learning3 DOC721R
DOC731RCollaborative Case Study3 EDD721, CUR721, DOC722, CUR722, CUR723
DOC732RDoctoral Seminar III2 DOC731R
CUR731Supervision of Curriculum and Instruction3 DOC732R
EDD732Contemporary Policy Analysis and Development3 DOC732R
CUR732Program Evaluation3 CUR731, EDD732
DOC733Doctoral Dissertation3 CUR732, Approved Proposal
DOC734Doctoral Project IV3 DOC733
DOC740RAnnual Renewal Residency0