The Bachelor of Science in Management (BSM) degree program is designed to develop the professional knowledge and skills of general managers in any organization. The BSM degree enhances skills necessary for improved organizational effectiveness in a dynamic and evolving workplace.

The curriculum focuses on the development of general management roles. It emphasizes skills necessary to align resources and improve communication, productivity, and effectiveness. Through a participative, cooperative learning environment structured for adult learners, managers are taught to manage innovation and apply professional skills and knowledge focused on the future, all within a customer-focused atmosphere.

The BSM degree program has a 48 upper-division credit required course of study (including nine credits of electives chosen by the student). These courses fulfill only part of the 120 minimum credit requirement for degree completion. Students must demonstrate proficiency in English, mathematics, and critical thinking. Up to 72 lower division units may be applied toward the BSM degree.

CourseCourse Title CreditsPrerequisite(s)
Foundation Courses
GEN 300Skills for Professional Development3
MGT 330Management: Theory, Practice, & Application3
MGT 350Critical Thinking: Strategies in Decision Making3
SOC 315Cultural Diversity3
PHL 323Ethics in Management3
RES 320Foundations of Research3
PSY 428Organizational Psychology3
COMM 470Communicating in the Virtual Workplace3
PSY 320Human Motivation3
PSY 430Team Dynamics for Managers3
TEC 401Human Factors in Technology3
FIN 324Financial Analysis for Managers3
GEN 480Interdisciplinary Capstone Course3