The Bachelor of Science in Business program is designed to prepare graduates with the requisite knowledge, skills, and values to effectively apply various business principles and tools in an organizational setting. The BSB entry sequence exposes students to valuable theoretical knowledge and best practices in the areas of management, organizational behavior, research and evaluation, e-business, and critical thinking and problem-solving. In all BSB program coursework, the curriculum addresses critical business issues in the areas of diversity, globalization, ethics, technology, and e-business.

The e-business major is designed to help the student acquire theory, skills, and values associated with a business environment that has an increasing dependence on Internet technology. The focus of the curriculum is business with an emphasis in e-business. Completion of the BSB/EB can be used to enhance career growth or as a segue into a graduate program.

In addition to the BSB business entry coursework, the e-business major includes coursework in economics, computers and information processing, financial analysis, business law, marketing, business information system development, project management, the Web, and e-business. This undergraduate degree program has a 60-credit Required Course of Study: 39 credits are allocated to the Bachelor of Science in Business/Administration Major, 18 credits to business entry coursework, and 3 credits to the integrating course. Some courses have prerequisite requirements.

In addition to the Required Course of Study, students must satisfy General Education and Elective requirements to meet the 120 semester-credit minimums (124 for Kansas students) required for completion of the degree.

Course #Course Title CreditsPrerequisite(s)
Foundation Courses Proficiencies must be completed by the 4th course
GEN 300Skills for Professional Transition3
MGT 330Management: Theory, Practice, Applications3
MGT 344Organizational Behavior and Ethical Responsibility3
MGT 350Critical Thinking: Strategies in Decision Making3
RES 341+Research and Evaluation I3
RES 342+Research and Evaluation II3
Specialization Courses
CIS 319Computers and Information Processing3
ACC 300Principles of Accounting3
BUS 415*Business Law3
FIN 370Finance for Business3
MKT 421Marketing3
ECO 365Principles of Microeconomics3
BUS 475Integrated Business Topics3
BSA 375Fundamentals of Business Systems Development3
MGT 437Project Management3
WEB 350The Internet: Concepts and Application3
EBUS 400E-Business3
EBUS 410E-Business Management I3
EBUS 420E-Business Management II3
EBUS 430E-Business Cases3